Our Story

Well, well, well....

Here you are and boy are you in for a yarn!

We were born from wool store built by the King himself, Charles John Dennys and his nephew Sir Edward Harewood Lascelles in 1872…except Charles wasn’t really a king and Eddy well, he was just your average 1800’s bachelor businessman striking gold…well wool.

The building, as you see it today (kind of) was considered an absolute masterpiece by ye ol’ time folk when it opened on 1st August 1872. In fact, you could say Black Sheep Geelong not only lives in the heart of todays National Wool Museum, but also in the heard of Geelong’s historic international wool trade. Yeah, we’re kind of a big deal…

The building had some love in 1988 when the National Wool Museum was established and you might remember Dennys Kitchen being here before us (does anyone remember Nonna’s to-die-for Ragu because we do and our mouth is now watering).

Did you also know that there’s a not-so-secret ghost in the wool museum?

It comes and says hey from time to time…especially if we slip down to Lamby’s in the dark on a lonely Tuesday night. We’re pretty sure it’s friendly though…kind of an attention seeker…but just one of the crew really.

Anyways, that’s a bit of a run down of where we came from but if you REALLY want to find out about us, pop in for a tipple or two. We’re WAY more chatty in person. Just you wait.

Black Sheep Family

P.S.  We’re not accountable for the facts stated as some were paired with a G&T or two…did we say two? Might have meant a few.

P.P.S. If you’d like to explore our Chamber of Gin…might we recommend you wander over to it below.

Geelong Chamber of Gin
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