Introducing our NEW Signature Chamber of Gin Tasting Paddle…

With a world of gin to explore, you may be wondering where to start…

If you’re unsure (or a bit curious), why not start with a Black Sheep Signature Gin Tasting Paddle. Featuring a seasonally inspired, all-Australian line up of tried and tested favourites, each gin you’ll taste comes with unique characteristics and a story to tell.

Let’s start the introductions, shall we?

‘Throwback Gin’ by Flowstate Brewers & Distillers | Torquay, VIC

First up on your paddle is the Flowstate ‘Throwback’ Gin, distilled just 30 minutes from Black Sheep in the coastal town of Torquay. This London-dry style throws it back to the beginning of gin-making, infusing classic flavours with modern botanicals.

With loads of juniper, coriander seed and angelica root, the addition of elderflower, local honey, white grapefruit, lemon & orange balances old-world tradition with contemporary flavours. Produced at a higher ABV (50%) ‘Throwback’ Gin makes for a refreshingly bold G&T and shines in classic cocktails.

‘Teddy & The Fox Gin’ by The Bellarine Distillery | Drysdale, VIC

The ‘Teddy & The Fox’ gin is next, another local favourite from the Bellarine Distillery. Named after an encounter between Teddy (the distillers pup) and a resident fox that snuck out of it’s den at the wrong time – the chase was on and the rest is history.

Though Teddy never did catch the fox, the resulting gin is an award-winning, contemporary dry style, bursting with citrus, warmth & spice. An aromatic blend of 6 botanicals – vibrant orange & lemon myrtle come to the fore, supported by juniper, coriander, orris root & star anise.

Triple Juniper Gin by Never Never Distilling Co | McLaren Vale, S.A

Ever wonder what makes gin, well…GIN? In short, it’s the infusion of a neutral base spirit with the fresh, bright and earthy qualities of juniper.

The Triple Juniper Gin by Never Never Distilling Co shines a light on the distinct flavour of this spectacular botanical through a triple-concentrated production process. Firstly, juniper berries are steeped in an Australian Wheat spirit for 24 hours. This steep, along with fresh juniper is then added to the still, where (you guessed it) more juniper is loaded in to capture it’s piney, floral character.

Along with 8 other botanicals (coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, lemon & lime peel, liquorice root, cinnamon & Australian pepper berry) it creates a bright citrus, juniper forward, earthy sip. A world class G&T if you ask us!

Bloody Shiraz Gin by Four Pillars Gin | Yarra Valley, VIC

Now for something dark, mysterious & truly experimental – the Bloody Shiraz Gin by Four Pillars is the fourth sip featured on your Black Sheep Signature Gin Tasting Paddle.

From their beginnings as a small craft distillery established in 2013, Four Pillars has catapulted to the top of their game, named the ‘World’s Leading Gin Producer’ (for the THIRD time!) at the 2023 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Bloody Shiraz Gin is distilled annually, using a base of original Rare Dry Gin steeped with local cool-climate Shiraz grapes. Not only does this give the gin its distinguishing deep purple colour, it also provides sweet jammy fruit flavours, boosted by botanicals of bright juniper, coriander, Tasmanian pepper berry, orange citrus & earthy spices.

‘Tassie Bush Honey Gin’ by Forty Spotted Gin | Hobart, TAS

Rounding out your paddle with a sweet silky finish is the ‘Tassie Bush Honey Gin’ by Forty Spotted Gin – a spin off from Hobart’s globally celebrated single-malt whisky producer Lark Distillery.

This contemporary style gin is crafted with the wild nature & unique botanicals of Tasmania in mind – bringing the sweet character of Tassie bush honey together with warming rooibos tea to pack a flavourful punch. Supported by fragrant juniper, floral meadow notes, a subtle hint of caramel and peppery warmth, it’s best enjoyed with a splash of soda or tonic.

Ready to try it for yourself?

So there you have it – a gin journey spanning our local Victorian coastline, South Australian wine country and the tip of Tasmania, all enjoyed under one roof in the heart of Geelong.

Ready to try it for yourself? Head in to taste our Black Sheep Signature Gin Tasting paddle this Summer – sit, sip and stay a while with us.

See you at the bar soon…